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Short Wiring kit with solenoid

4x4 Winch Standard Wiring kit with solenoid

Quality USA made wiring kit for 4wd winches. Intended to relocate the solenoid system behind the mounting bar.

***SALE Special $320.00 plus gst***

Winch wiring kit made from quality 2 awg (SAEJ1127) copper power leads at standard lengths suitable for close proximity solenoid mounting to the winch. Standard fitment on Toyota  X9 Superwinch kits for positioning the solenoid behind the bar.

Included and pre-wired is a genuine superior quality Uni-Point 12 volt 500 Amp solenoid as used on Toyota  Accessory X9 and Superwinch genuine supplied. A extended socket is also provided to suit Superwinch controller. Remote plug in control is sold separate and available in 15 or 30 foot length.

This kit comprises of

1 solenoid 12v Uni-Point 500A

3 leads 500 mm length to run from the solenoid to motor.

1 lead 1830 mm in length to run from the battery to the solenoid with protective sheave

1 lead 10 awg to earth the solenoid system. 

1 extended length control socket