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10mm Dynaline dyneema rope

Dyneema Dynaline Rope

10mm x 25M with thimble eye

10mm x 25M Dynaline Rope, suits winch applications from 8000lb (3640kg) up to 12000lb (5460kg)

Dynaline is made with high strength, light weight UHMPE (Dyneema®) fibre and is designed to replace steel wire winch ropes on 4x4’s and recovery vehicles. Dynaline enables significantly quicker and safer deployment and recovery than traditional steel wire ropes, virtually eliminating dangerous recoil if fittings or attachments fail or in the unlikely event of rope failure.

Very light weight – 8x lighter than steel wire for a given strength.
High strength - 70% stronger than steel wire for a given diameter.
Low Stretch – see graph
Good resistance to chemicals and UV.
Zero water shrinkage.

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