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A3500 Superwinch

Superwinch A3500

3500 lb (1588 kg) 12 volt DC planetary winch

The Superwinch A series is designed, engineered and tested by Superwinch

Superwinch A3500 is a 3500 lb (1588 kg) line pull 12 volt powerful DC electric planetary winch. Built tough with a high torque 2.5 hp (1.9 kW) permanent magnet motor driving the  steel geared planetary gearbox.

The A3500 is a compact winch built tough with larger gear sets and powerful motor. With feature including dynamic and automatic mechanical brake providing load control for safety and has free spool for rapid cable release. Controled through a sealed solenoid with a plug in remote and the mountable switch, additional feature of instant stop no coasting.

The Superwinch A3500 is ideal for ATV quad bike applications or adaptable to many alternative winch requirements including trailer installation. A great choice as a strong, powerful, reliable and economical winch.

Part number S102942