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Superwinch 5000 kg Pulley Block 7754

Superwinch Pulley Block

Superwinch pulley block, engineered and tested in the USA

The Superwinch P/No 7754 swing away pulley block is a tested high strength plated steel pulley block rated at 5000 kg hauling capacity. The smooth machined surface makes it suitable for both steel and synthetic ropes up to 8mm diameter. Suitable for winches up to 5000 lb (2270 kg) rated line pull.

A Superwinch pulley block should be used when loads exceed recommended line pull ratings of the winch or to change rope direction. When used correctly a Superwinch pulley block will halve the load on the winch and reducing the current draw of electric winches. 

Pulley blocks unless rated with appropriate safe working load limits should not be used for hoisting.