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Roller fairlead

Roller Fairlead

Guide rollers for industrial winches

Guide rollers are an import accessory to mount onto or in front of your winch

A range of heavy duty industrial guide rollers are available in various sizes to suit our winches.

Our guide rollers consist of both vertical and horizontal roller to help protect your winch and rope. The vertical rollers prevent the wire rope being dragged across the winch upright housings causing damage to the winch and the rope. The horizontal rollers protect the rope from possible damage caused by the tie bars at the front of the winch.

It is important to remember guide rollers should not be used for a direction change of the wire rope. In situations where the line pull is required in a diagonal direction a pulley block should be used, your winch owners manual should give instruction on correct method.

Always pull in a straight line avoiding the rope building up at one side of the winch drum and too prevent rope damage.