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Superwinch Rebuilt Reconditioned


Rebuilt and Tested by Superwinch Australia

Currently Sold Out. Please check back next month

Winches rebuilt and reconditioned using genuine Superwinch components to maintain original quality, reliability and performance.

Contact B&C Winches for future availability.

Currently all sold out. Please check back at later date

Sold-Superwinch T1500 1500lb 12v compact $150.00 plus gst.

SOLD-Superwinch T2000 custom covert with mounted solenoid and remote $300.00 plus gst

SOLD-Superwinch X9 1901 T or TA 12v DC 4wd winch $860.00 plus gst.

SOLD-Superwinch Talon 18 18000lb 24 volt dc $1850.00 plus gst 

SOLD-Superwinch GP2000 2000lb 12v custom all new components $320.00 plus gst

SOLD-Superwinch GP1800 1800lb 12v $300.00 + gst

SOLD-Come-Up DV6/DV9 4wd 6000/9000 lb 12v $250.00 plus gst

SOLD=Superwinch S9000 9000lb 12V With portable hitch mount cradle.

SOLD -Superwinch S5500 5500lb 12v $620.00 + gst with synthetic rope -SOLD

SOLD - Superwinch S5000 12v $550.00 = gst with synthetic rope -   SOLD

SOLD - Superwinch GP3000 12v $380.00 + gst -   SOLD

SOLD - Superwinch H10P 10000lb hydraulic $1100.00 + gst -  SOLD

SOLD - Superwinch H10P hydraulic $1350.00 + gst - SOLD

All units have been fully disassembled and any damaged or worn components are replaced in both the gearing and electrics. They are all inspected and tested to ensure they perform correctly and are covered by our warranty.

Check pictures attached to see special offers on Superwinch rebuilt winches at greatly reduced prices.