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T2000 Superwinch

Superwinch T2000

2000 lb (907 kg) 12 volt DC planetary winch

The Superwinch T2000 is designed, engineered and tested by Superwinch

Superwinch T2000 is a 2000 lb (907 kg) line pull 12 volt general purpose DC electric planetary winch. Built tough with a high torque .71 hp (.53 kW) permanent magnet motor driving the steel geared single stage planetary gearbox.

The T2000 is a compact winch with plenty of grunt with feature including dynamic and mechanical brake providing load control for safety. It powers both forward and reverse and has free spool for rapid cable release.

The T2000 has been an economical choice for many years on trailer applications including boats of up to 1200 kg as it has performed reliably time after time.