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Wire Rope 7/16| Enlarge
  • 11 mm sure lock hook|

Wire Rope 7/16" sure lock hook

Western Sling "All Grip" Wire Rope

7/16" (11mm) x 20M wire rope with swivel sure lock hook

Assembled in the USA using quality tested ropes with swaged eyes and hooks

Western Sling provides us with high equality "All Grip" Winch Line In A Box, a convenient wire rope replacement for industrial winches.

The ropes is prepared with plain swaged eye and double action sure lock hook at a length of 20 metres They have a soldered and hammered end for easy installation and secure swage for eye and hook retention.

Part No 1300-17930 is a 7/16" (11mm) diameter rope, 20 metres long with swivel sure lock hook suits industrial winches from 8000 lb (3630kg) up to 10000 lb (4500 kg)

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