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H10P Superwinch Rebuilt


H10P Superwinch As New Rebuild with Tensioner

Sale Special Price TBA  with 12 month Warranty

10000 lb (4500kg) PLANETARY HYDRAULIC

The Superwinch H10P is a 10000 lb (4500kg) hydraulically operated planetary  winch designed and engineered in the UK to meet industrial standard SAE J706.

This rebuild has a new hydraulic motor, new drum, new cable tensioner and all other components are as new with only a few hours work.

The Superwinch H10P model 5178A has an oil lubricated efficient 16:1 two stage steel planetary gearing in cast alloy gear housing. Powered by a heavy duty high torque hydraulic motor providing fast, reliable recovery. With the automatic built in brake providing safe control when lowering loads.

The Superwinch H10P has been the winch of choice on thousands of trucks in the Australian towing and vehicle recovery industry. When they need to get the job done quickly and safely time and time again, the H10P stands out as the winch you can depend on.

Additional features include manual or optional pneumatic free-spool for a quick action drive disengagement. This allows for the quick removal of either a steel or synthetic rope from the heavy duty steel fabricated drum on maintenance free bearings

A steel roller style cable tensioner can easily be fitted to existing mount points to provide layering pressure on your steel rope. This helps prevent recoil and overlap prolonging the life of the wire rope. Four way steel guide rollers are also available and easily fitted to protect the winch from possible damage.