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H800 Ramsey 20000 lb| Enlarge

HY800 20000lb Ramsey


20000 lb (9072 kg) Worm Drive Hydraulic

**Special price applies to current Australian stock only

The Ramsey H800 series hydraulic worm drive winch is engineered and manufactured in the USA for industrial applications and built to SAE J706.

Hydraulic winch Ramsey HY800 made in the USA by a the market leader in worm drive winches, known and recognised for winches of strength and reliability. The HY800 20000 lb has a extreme heavy duty worm drive gear box with a ratio of 40:1 powered by a high torque hydraulic motor. A worm brake provides safe load control and a pneumatic release free spool allows for rapid removal of the wire rope.

These features make the HY800 ideal for heavy industrial recovery applications on tow trucks, tilt trays, low loader, forestry, mining and on applications where strength and reliability are important factors needed to get the job done.