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Rock 12.8 Superwinch

Superwinch Rock 12.8

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12800 lb (5806 kg) Planetary 12 Volt DC

The Superwinch Rock 12.8 is engineered tough by Superwinch.

Superwinch Rock12.8 12800 lb (5806 kg) 2 stage planet planetary 12 volt or 24 volt Dc electric winch designed and engineered for fast heavy duty 4wd competition recovery.

The Rock12.8 comprising of a heavy duty sealed multistage planetary gear box with a ratio of 148:1 and equipped with 100% automatically applied brake. Driven by a heavy duty sealed series wound 6.0 hp (4.44 kW) motor, controlled through a VS4 sealed and vented solenoid, driving the compact high compression rated steel fabricated drum. This makes the Rock12.8 a strong fast and reliable winch with synthetic rope.

With additional features aluminium hawse, plated mounting components, easy to use lift and rotate free-spool knob for fast rope removal and plug in ergonomic remote or optional wireless for forward and reverse control. All these features come together to produce a high performing dependable 12 volt dc electric 4wd recovery winch.